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spanking blogs list

this page is my list of spanking blogs from, tumblr,wordpress and more.
i'm not from the spanking Community, so this list is Just a collection of links I have gathered over time.

Last updated: April 1, 2013

MY Google Reader FOR spanking BLOGS

The first number is the Alexa Rank, Then the name of the blog.
This is a dynamic list that is updated every day if i find new blogs
the alexa rank updated Every now and then .


spanking blogs and tumblr
This blog is a real life account of our journey into the wonderful world of Spankings between consenting adults only.
This blog aims to explore themes of erotic discipline, female submission and spanking. It features stories, anecdotes and observations by DJB and others.
Vintage Spanking Blog – Old Pics and Videos

The Spank Statement is a selection of news stories, photos, drawings, quotes, video, fiction, novel extracts, play scripts and more.
“The Spanking Writers” is one of the web’s most popular literary spanking sites. It combines the blog – published at least every-other day since 22nd March 2006 – with “Abel’s Spanking Stories”, a free site that launched on 7th June 1999.
This blog is about spankings - the fun, sexy, exciting kind! My husband reddens my bottom and I love it. I invite you to read, share, and enjoy. This is a place where our deepest fantasies can take flight.
This blog celebrates the erotic side of spanking as long practiced by one married couple. We don't spank for punishment or discipline or any reason other than to supercharge sex. Getting our bottoms toasted sexually arouses us. It's that simple .
I'm the girl next door who enjoys spanking so much that I decided to share my experiences with other adults who also enjoy spanking. I'm not a paid model and everything on my blog is all amateur.
This blog is all about my love of spanking, my love of the female posterior in general, submission, spanking related activities such as corner time and pretty much anything else I like. I hope you'll like it too.
Spanking cartoons and caricatures

"Abel's Tumblr"   As enjoyed by Abel, UK-based roleplayer and author of The Spanking Writers blog & Abel's Spanking Stories.
A mature woman's sensitive, sometimes humorous, and always uniqueperspective on consensual, erotic spanking.
1001SF is a blog about just one thing: Spanking fantasies. I’ve created it to share my fantasies with the world. Every new fantasy will appear on the front page ‘home’ in a short excerpt in which I’ll explain how I came up with the fantasy and what’s it about.
Musings, Mutterings & Pontifications of the Renowned Romance Author
Erica Scott: Life, Love & Spanking
Sexy Spanking with Spanking Sarah
This blog is about consensual adult spanking and other associated activities.  Here you will find stories, real-life adventures, humor, romance, parodies, and commentary on love, life, and spanking.
Posts from a mawkish, lifelong spankophile.
The land of the Spanked naugthy ones
50 + hospitality professional, happily married, happily spanked by a wonderful husband and happy to share with you. The spankings, not my husband.
original drawings and short stories by tommyspt
A blog about erotic CP and spanking featuring primarily my stories and reviews of stories, books, and movies and media generally.

this one is about someone who is not out but is a spanko in secret. For those who love their vanilla spouse/partner/significant other but still have that secret attraction to spanking... you're not alone.
Hi! I’m Alex Reynolds. This blog deals with my adventures in consensual adult spanking, domestic discipline, Dominant/submissive dynamics, my life as a professional spanking model and my interactions with the kink, BDSM and fetish community.
This blog explores the corporal punishment of beautiful but naughty girls using the birch and cane, but other instruments too. The birch is the focus but this vintage implement of severe girlish punishment is rarely found nowadays so the cane, which took over
~Musings and tales of my journey into the spanking world~
A spanking blog by Abby Sage
A Pictorial Fetish Blog Devoted to all the Pretty Ladies out there withBeautiful Sexy Butts, Bottoms, and Asses! :)))
Adult art and fiction concerning spanking, corporal punishment, slavegirls, naked heroines and nude exposure in public.
Hi, I'm Bryan, a semi-retired US Navy vet that enjoys all things to do with spanking;
"WolfieToons" are for adults who enjoy playful erotic spanking cartoons;
There are two sides to every scene. Every post on our blog features two perspectives: male/female, top/bottom, dominant/submissive. We will present two perspectives in our fiction, our scene write ups, and our reflections on "this thing we do." We hope you enjoy our unique perspectives, combined into one parallel blog.

street spank...

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spanking Stories

SHOWstudio: The Fashion Body - Buttocks lesbian-spanking

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